Sunday, March 23, 2014

Existential sadness and stuff.

As the situation in Russia is becoming more and more grim every day, I begin to doubt I will ever will make it out. The plan was to get working experience and save some money and in about 1-2 years start my journey to greener pastures. Alas, the timeframe might be requiring reconsidering.

The economy of the state is degrading, making my earnings and savings less valuable every week. At this rate 50 rubles for a US dollar by the fall is a realistic projection. Which effectively will cut my finances in half. Politically and socially, our ruler is simply insane. I watched the news yesterday - big mistake. The rhetorics, the craziness of it all... I feel if I do not spring from this place within a year, I might be never able to.

Other news. I am getting closer to finishing my virology p2 course. Completed quizzes 10 and 11 today - which means there is only one quiz left and one final exam after it. I am looking forward to earning this certificate - I believe I can go for "with distinction" as well.

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