Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kings (tv series)

Just finished watching the first (and only) season of "Kings" - a drama loosely based on biblical story, but set up in modern environment. Overall impression in one word - enchanting.

The show is not thrilling you with tightly packed action, astounding graphical extravaganza or plot full of mystery and spookiness, but it have something other modern shows usually lack - a soul touch. In its own moderate tempo the story tells you of kings and heroes, of bravery, patriotism and mens' fight for their destiny and against it.

Its not exactly a sci-fi, neither it is a fantasy. The genre is drama and the setting involves queen looking for her cell phone in a sock drawer, prince commencing a black-op behind country's border and gives you tingling sensation of what strong "god given" monarchy with court and all the intrigues and prophecies would look like in a world of computers and helicopters. To know the bible is not necessary to understand the plot, but it adds a spicy flavor as you see David defeats Goliath, for example.

Recommended to watch for anyone with a taste to high/classic culture.

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